Being Polyamorus and Bipolar is tricky

Yes, I live an  alternative lifestyle. I am poly and into the "Lifestyle", if you don't know what that means then you aren't involved in the LS. I am finding that being Bipolar and poly is super tricky. The ruminating, the over thinking, the mood swings etc. all make for a roller coaster for both... Continue Reading →

Blessed and Yet Cursed

Blessings and curses come in many shapes and forms. Some are religious/spiritual in nature and then there are the ones thrust upon us throughout life that we didn’t want, didn’t ask for, nor did we pray/wish for them. I consider myself to be blessed and cursed since the day I was born. This is not... Continue Reading →

The beginning…

I started this because as I sit here day in and day out and think about how far I have come and where I am headed I know there are others out there struggling just like I was back in the day. I struggled for years to come to terms with my life. I never... Continue Reading →

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